Day 2

08 September 2018

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Day 3

09 September 2018

Autumnal anticipation in the air. That Final Day feeling. Humbling tribute to Rob Walker. Pedal pushing in the Settrington Cup. Clash of the Cobras. Barracuda chicane smash. A portrait of three generations. Policemen pose. Charabanc smiles. Through sunset into dusk. The engine symphony silences. Show Me The Way To Go Home. Tired and ready for bed. Farewells fill the air. Until next time! Bon voyage!

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Day 1

07 September 2018

Up at sunrise. The route to Goodwood cloudless and bathed in sunshine. Technicolour greens. Weather fears a distant memory. Our faithful Ford T Charabanc waiting patiently at the Overtheroad crossroad. Ready to be dressed. The expectant buzz of a glamorous crowd flowing merrily along. A Veuve Cliquot lunch with company as fine as its wine. A cappella encore. The great and good machines of the Kinrara trophy. The engines scream. Ace Bristol loses a wheel. Comet Clyclone Crashes. Evening sunsh...

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